Sorry everyone! I know things have not been as usual lately and it’s been a long few weeks for me as well! When this all started it was a simple personal family deal that turned into much more. So now, after fixing my laptop 2 times and restoring all of the things needed to get the page back on track I am pleased to announce that posting will return to normal now. My email has been lost for the most part for the last 2 weeks so if you had something important sent to me you may want to re-send it. The newsletter giveaways will also return to normal beginning tomorrow as well.

The newsletter winner did not respond in time from Monday, so we will be starting fresh tomorrow with everything that everyone has come to know and love from our site, especially the up to date deals. The giveaway is VERY close to ending and we have another great giveaway to announce as soon as that one is done! Nice huh?!

Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know that I have done my best to shorten this downtime period and everything should be business as usual starting tomorrow. Thanks to all the regular visitors for all of the kind words and to everyone for sticking with us during this hard period!



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