It doesn’t matter if you are just now looking into starting your journey into electronic cigarettes or you have been vaping since 2008. If you do not know some very specific information like battery safety and ohms law, it is impossible for you to be 100% safe when you vape. Vaping 101 is a learning center for vapers and future vapers. This section will include these must know subjects as well as many other things vapers should know like basic coil building, the different types of devices and atomizers and their advantages and disadvantages; e-liquid information like how to steep and answers to questions like “what is in my liquid?” and “should I let my juice breathe?”; as well as things like local and federal laws on e-cigarettes and the products surrounding them, how to order online and even things like what the difference between authentics and clones will be discussed in this area over time. Stay tuned! This area will be updated as much as possible.

Vaping 101 | Atomizers: Sub-ohm Tanks

Atomizers: Sub-Ohm Tanks   In a nutshell the 3 basic atomizer options for vapers these days are sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable tanks, and the classic rebuildable drippers. Today I will be talking about sub-ohm tanks.   Sub-ohm Tanks provide a great option for...

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The real enemies of vaping.

The real enemies of vaping. Cancer sticks, coffin nails, and cowboy killers. There are many different derogatory (yet accurate) names for cigarettes out there but even though they are well known to cause cancer (and a whole host of other problems) people still use...

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Vaping 101: Steeping and Breathing E-liquids

What is Steeping? Steeping is a general term for a process to extract flavor from something, by soaking a solid in liquid (normally water). A common example is tea, by introducing hot water to extract the flavor into the liquid. The more appropriate term for...

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Vaping 101: Battery Safety

Battery Safety for Vaping What are the types of batteries used for vaping? The two main types of batteries used in vaping devices are ICR and IMR. As the industry progresses, and sub-ohm vaping becomes more easily accessible and user-friendly, IMR batteries are...

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