Tobeco isn’t really known for their own material, as they make a ton of clones. Being a budget vaper, I am happy that they make such affordable versions of these great atomizers. Now seeing them with some of their own stuff gaining popularity, I was very happy to get one of these Mini Super Tanks sent over from The tobeco mini super tank is a sub-ohm tank that’s is priced very well, has many color options, huge airflow, and great cheap coils that are compatible with the atlantis, triton, melo, and all other tanks that follow this coil structure. Lets see how she vapes. Welcome to the DVN Tobeco Mini Super Tank review!

Tobeco Mini Super Tank


Super simple design and solid construction

When I first opened the box to the Tobeco Mini Super Tank I was actually very surprised at how solid the tank felt. The threads on the tank were very smooth, the design looks very cool and well thought out. The way that the top fill is thought out really shows that the people over at tobeco have done their homework. If there is on thing I have seen destroy products, it is over-complication. This tank really had the “wow factor” for me, and that alone surprised the heck out of me coming from a company that generally manufactures clones.

Tobeco Mini Super Tank Airflow

Huge airflow

The airflow holes on the Tobeco Mini Super Tank are literally probably the biggest airflow holes I have seen on any tank I have ever had. The airflow control ring is designed very well and has a clicky setting every few millimeter so you can trust that your setting will stay put after you set it. I really, really like how tobeco designed this tanks airflow.

Tobeco mini super tank top-fill

Class leading top-fill design

The designers at Tobeco really created something nice when they came up with the idea of the threaded cap covering a nice wide open filling area. This tank is by far the easiest to dill, top filling tank I have used ever. Literally all you have to do is unscrew the top piece, which is the drip tip as well; set it off to the side and fill up your tank using either a dripper, syringe, or by carefully pouring e-liquid in straight from the bottle and then just screwing the top back on. It’s so simple. Those who have a hard time filling other tanks could really benefit from trying this tank out. It’s really nice. The tank is supposed to be a 4ml capacity tank but in my experience it seems like it is more like a 3ml capacity.

Tobeco Mini Super Tank Colors


Colors, colors, colors

Vapers have proven time and time again, they will buy something of lesser quality if it matches their favorite color, the color of their car, their favorite mods color or whatever else. Tobeco took this idea and ran with it. If you look hard enough you can find the super tank in just about any color. They even have multiple different colors of the tank piece itself, ranging from red to blue to green and everything in-between. If you like to match your colors up, this tank definitely has a colorway that will work for you.

Tobeco Mini Super Tank Coils


Does all this flavor really come from a 2$ coil?

When I took my first pull off of the Tobeco Mini Super Tank… wow. I have ALL of the most popular tanks right now and this tank seriously destroys every single one of them when it comes to flavor. The only coils that could even compare to the coils in the mini super tank, in my eyes are the Vaporesso cCell coils and thats only if you like ceramic coils. I love ceramic coils, but not everyone does. Plus, it would be a complete toss up for me flavor wise if I had to choose. This tank, paired with the tobeco super tank coils. All of them.. is a falvor chasers dream. I have been telling anyone who asks me about the best flavor tank to get this one since the day I opened the box. Even those people who have Aspire Atlantis’ and Triton’s should at the very least try the tobeco coils. The only problem I have had is that sometimes the bottom metal piece needs to be fiddled with to get the atomizer to read correctly. If you ever have an issue with the super tank mini or the coils alone not reading correctly.. just pull the bottom metal plug out, and re-set it with the wires set right. Make sure you pay attention to how they are before you remove it, and if you forget.. use another coil to go off of and place the metal plug back into the end. Be sure to push it in hard so that it is fully into the slot. This should fix any problems. It did for me. There are three different coil options available. A 0.5Ω kanthal coil that puts off amazing warm flavor at 60 watts, a 0.2Ω kanthal coil that shines similarly to the 0.5 coil but I like it around 70 watts rather than 60. The flavor that these coils put out is amazing. There is also a 0.15Ω nickel coil that I did not personally try, but I can only assume has he same great flavor as the others but with the ability to be temperature controlled. The flavor that these coils put out… amazing. Ah-maz-ing. Better than the crown, better than the tfv4 clapton coils (even the new TF-T8 octuplet clapton coils), and far better than those not recognized for their flavor ability like the herakles plus coils. Flavor chasers will really enjoy these coils. The lower wattage that is required to run them make them a great option for those who run sub-100w devices like the IPV D3. I’ve been running this tank on the D3 I will be reviewing tomorrow at 60 and 70 watts and a single battery last easily a day and a half. Try that with a 160w coil. Ha!

What didn’t I like about the Tobeco Mini Super Tank?

There were very few things not to like about the mini super tank. However I did find a few. First off the coils have the issue mentioned above. It is easily fixed, but still annoying and it seems to happen fairly often. Secondly, the tank is not designed to where you can replace a coil while there is juice in the tank. I tried a few times and got juice everywhere. So if you are stuck needing to change the coil out and the tank is not empty just unscrew the top, dump the juice into something and replace the coil then just put the juice back in. It will save you a lot of trouble, I promise. That’s it.. the rest about this tank is on point.

Review summary and your ratings

Where can I get it?

The people over at have purchased a ton of these things and got them ready to ship out quickly. They have some of the best customer service that I have witnessed in my entire time working with online vendors, and their prices are some of the best online. Especially for this tank.

Make sure you use the DVN exclusive coupon code “dvn5” when buying a tobeco super tank, or any other product from It will save you 5% and those dollars add up quickly. They are kind enough to offer the code to us, so be sure to save yourself some money with the code.

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Cori Butler is the owner of and resident reviewer. Cori is a long-term vaper from 2009 who pays attention to detail when it comes to vape devices, accessories and e-liquids. From pen style devices and starter kits to RDA vaping for cloud chasing or flavor, and everything in-between including battery safety, e-liquid DIY, and custom mods; Cori has experience in many things you might find helpful and the best part is, these reviews are not generating profit so you can believe what you read!

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