Good morning, RX200 owners!

Wismec has upgraded the RX200 firmware to version 3.0

The announcement

This morning we noticed an announcement on the official Wismec facebook which said the following:

Wismec launches the upgraded firmware 3.00 version for #Reuleaux#RX200. In this version, the improved TC-SS316 mode and customized TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode are available now.
For more details, please click:

So we headed on over to the website to check it out. Under the information tab they had some information on the firmware upgrade.

Reuleaux RX200 Upgrade Firmware 3.00 Version Launching
Dear WISMEC Customers:

Based on the previous TC-SS mode, Wismec develops the new TC-SS316 mode in the upgraded firmware V3.00. Moreover, the customized TCR mode are also introduced.

TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistance), users can set the parameters according to the TCR of coil in this mode.

Through this upgrade, the accuracy of temperature control is greatly improved and the pleasure of vaping will be naturally enhanced.

Click: to get more information about the upgrading.

WISMEC Marketing Team
January 15th, 2016

The files

The files can be found and downloaded directly from the Wismec website by clicking the “Reauleaux RX200 For Windows” or “Reauleaux RX200 For Mac” images. Once on the site you will need to click the proper image for your operating system. Windows users click the “for Windows” image and those on a Mac need to click the “for Mac” image.

Upgrading the RX200

To check your firmware version on the device:

  • With the device off.
  • Press the fire button about 25 times. The device will turn on during the button presses, just keep pressing until the screen displays the version number.
  • If the installed version is lower then the current new version listed on Wismec’s website, please upgrade the firmware.

To upgrade the RX-200’s firmware:

  • Go to Wismec’s web site.
  • At the top of the page there will be a download button. Choose the download for your computers operating system.
  • Download the .zip file.
  • Open the file and install the application. Follow the install instructions.
  • Make sure the RX-200 is turned on.
  • Plug in the RX-200 into your computer with the supplied  cable. (it is recommended to use the supplied cable as some cables are not data cables and only charging cables.)
  • Open the Updater Program.
  • Press the Upgrade button. If it is grayed out, try unplugging and plugging back in the cable.
  • Select the upgrade firmware file version you are wanting to upgrade to and press ok.
  • Once the upgrade is complete there will be a pop up window letting you know. This should only take a few seconds to minutes depending on your computer and the size of the upgrade. Press ok
  • You can now unplug your device and continue using it.

What’s new

  • SS316 TC Mode
  • TCR Adjustments and Memories
  • Improved Temperature Control

RX200 Webpage [downloads & info]

Enjoy the upgrade RX200 owners! -Cori

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