Mooches AWT 50A battery testing results

DANGER! New battery testing results for the AWT “50A” 18650 are alarmingly exaggerated.

The number one source for battery information in vaping, Mooch released today some of the most dangerous battery rating exaggerations to date. AWT (not to be confused with AW the maker of some of the better button top 18650 batteries on the market) more formally known as Shenzhen Aweite Battery Technology is a battery company that (based on their company profile found here) was established in 2013 and employs between 11 and 50 employees.The profile also goes on to say that their annual sales are upwards of $10,000,000 which isn’t surprising when you see how outrageously overrated their cells are marked up as. The AWT battery technology wing is a small subset company under the umbrella of the Aweite Technology Co. which is based out of the Shenzhen as well, and quite possibly in the same building. The umbrella company has more than 1200 employees. Around 100 of which are researchers! Now that you know how big the company is and what their profits are, as well as their ability to hunt down, research, test and label batteries with the proper information.. here are the results:

As you can see, fairly easily by the test results these cells did NOT hold up at all at 50A. According to Mooch (the tester) these cells are quite dangerous. The tricky part is that they are actually more safe at 50A than they are at 30-35A. At 50A the voltage drops out and the temperature is fairly low, but at 30-35A (which a vaper may think might be safer than running a 50A battery at since it’s not pushing the battery to its limits) the cell can heat upwards of 115 celcius, break down and vent. Here’s mooches summary of the testing on the AWT 50A 2600 18650:

This is a preposterously overrated and rewrapped cell which I am rating at 20A. At only 35A continuous, well below its rating, it could reach dangerous temperatures and possibly vent if there was a mod malfunction or accidental button press. At 40A and above its voltage quickly collapses. Even if just pulsed at its 50A rating the voltage dropped to just over 3.0V on the first pulse.

Both cells I tested had some dents or handling marks on the bottom of the can, under the wrap. This must have happened during the rewrapping.

I am giving this cell a maximum vaping amps (MVA) rating of 25A. It is identical in appearance and performance to the Sony VTC5.

and here is a better explanation from him to me about why the batteries are dangerous:

They’re ok at 40A continuous and above because, as noted in the tests, the voltage collapses and the temperature stays low. It’s around the 35A range where they are dangerous if there is a mod malfunction or accidental button press.

This is what makes them dangerous. A vaper might think that vaping at around 35A might be safe with a 50A battery, but it’s not. Vaping at 50A is actually much, much safer as the voltage drops too low very quickly.

It’s a good cell, as many have noted. AWT makes it dangerous by overrating it ridiculously.

So yet again, we see just another example of companies buying cells and re-wrapping them under their own banner and slapping whatever rating they feel will get them the most sales and profiting… astronomically well, all the while putting consumers at risk. This company easily has enough money to provide experts to test these batteries and rate them at their appropriate levels, however in the interest of profits and whatever else drives them, they knowingly place the PV consumer, their families, and anyone near them in danger. Not to mention the entire vaping community as a whole.. because each time we see these stories about vented batteries causing harm it does NOTHING at all but make the entire vape industry look bad. In short, one more re-wrap company to add to the “no thanks” pile.

You can view the actual test report HERE.



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