Hello everyone. It’s Cori from DVN, and I wanted to give everyone a weekend update.

  • We’re starting to make some headway in the vaping world with some really great news stories and deals this week.
  • We’ve secured at least one writer who will be writing original content for the website, so everyone should be looking forward to that!
  • I have spent a few hours updating the menus so that you can navigate much easier to the stuff you wanna get to. The deals are now split up between category (ie: Regulated devices, RDAs, or Swag), location (US vendors or Non-US Vendors), and also by price! You can always click the magnifying glass and search for whatever you are looking for (ie: smok x cube, sigelei) and get quickly to the deals or news you’re wanting to find.
  • Soon I will be adding a ton of reviews from Donnie MFNG who is the reviewer for #teamnosteep, so you will have some un-biased review of juices with a no-bs full on honest attitude which I personally think that the vaping world needs.
  • A forum for all of the DVN Deal Junkies and DVN News Junkies to come together and communicate with eachother!
  • I am also working on an area of the website where vendors, site owners, etc can post their own coupon codes and sales so others can easily find all the sales in 1 spot.

All of this stuff is in the works so I hope everyone enjoys the site and tells their friends about it. I also wanted everyone to know not to post any deals from DVN in the “deals & steals” ran by another similar website “vapor joes” because they are banning those who do. I’m not sure why, especially if they are in it for helping people save money like I am, and not for making money for themselves. But, Just so you can still get in there and see the deals from that group, you might not want to share our deals or news over there. I am actively looking for some people to help my search for deals and check the page to make sure deals on the page are up to date, and dead deals are removed. So if anyone wants to help out, please contact admin@dailyvapingnews.com

Have a good weekend everyone! Here’s a picture of the reason I do what I do!

Comments have been enabled for everyone to make suggestions, bitch or whatever.

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