High Class Vape Co Juice Review

DVN Juice Review: High Class Vape Co.

Today I will be reviewing 3 flavors of e-liquid sent to me free of charge from a e-liquid company called High Class Vape Co. which has 2 lines. One is their budget line which has 10 flavors which run $4.00 for a 15ml, and $20 for a 120ml. The other is their premium line which has 4 flavors and run $29.99 for a 60ml. All of their flavors can be ordered in one of four different nicotine options: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. I believe the flavors are pre-steeped because they tasted great out of the mail and weeks later taste the same. I opted to try flavors from the budget line since that is typically what the DVN family is looking for and they promptly sent me over 3 flavors of my choosing.


Shipping was extremely quick. The package arrived on the 3rd day after the order was placed, which is pretty darn good compared to many other online vendors. I believe it was shipped via their more expensive shipping option, which was very nice because the bottles came in a nice padded envelope. See below.


As far as shipping options I believe there are 2 options which are the basic first-class mail parcel which runs very cheap. I my test on the website I ordered 2 15ml bottles and the first-class mail pricing was only $2.64 which shows me they are most likely giving the vaper the exact shipping prices instead of the more commonly seen shipping & handling charges. The second option is a priority flat-rate padded envelope (what my order was shipped in). This option is still pretty damn cheap if you ask me. Those same 2 15ml bottles run only $6.80 when shipped this way which is cheaper than some places charge for flat-rate shipping prices. As far as shipping goes, High Class Vape Co. is on point. Very nice setup.


As far as bottles are concerned my 15ml sample bottles were sent in plastic bottles with the more expensive child-resistant AND tamper-resistant caps. The plastic that is used is the safer HDEP plastic which is easier to squeeze and less likely to break down into your e-liquids. They are the typical squeeze bottle with the normal “visene style” tip that lets you drip with into your RDA or right into your tank. A major plus for me since I rarely ever need a dropper anymore. The premium line however, all come in glass bottles with the industry standard child-proof and tamper-proof dropper caps. The labels on both the lines are really nice looking with the glossy print and all that snazzy stuff, but the things that I most look for are easy to see nicotine levels, which they have; ingredients that are listed on the label, which they also have; safety warnings, again they have these, and a bottling or born on date on the bottle somewhere. The born on date is the only thing they don’t have on the budget line and they very well may have the born on dates on the bottle. All in all I would say that their labeling, bottles, and caps are all well put together and contain pretty much everything that we as vapers generally want. I personally love plastic bottles so I think that an option to buy a labeled plastic unicorn bottle with your 60ml bottle of the premium line would be a hell of a good idea. I’d be all over it.



The High Class Vape Co. website (www.highclassvapeco.com) is a well put together website. It’s very snappy and works perfectly. They have flavor descriptions on every flavor, sample packs for both lines, the ability to read and enter reviews and even a cool points program that allows you to get free or highly discounted juice. These rewards programs are amazing for those like me who like reviewing stuff. They even have an affiliate program for those who own websites or have other means of referring visitors. Below is a snapshot of the style of the website.



As I mentioned in the opening they have 2 lines with a total of 14 flavors. All of these flavors are multiple flavor concentrate recipes. None of that 20% strawberry and out the door business. I also have a lot of respect for them because they source ALL of their ingredients from US companies. That’s sometimes hard to do these days. The premium line are a bit more complex flavor wise by the looks of things and that’s to be expected. They do however, have a lot of flavor types and hit pretty much all flavor profiles with the 14 flavors they have available. Something for everyone, that’s great!


Right out of the mail all 3 flavors were very flavorful. I went ahead and let them all sit about 2 weeks to ensure everything was kosher. The first flavor I tried was Melon Head.

Melon Head

According to the flavor description this is what Melon Head should taste like:

“Once you indulge in the sweetest of mangoes, mixed with just enough sugary orange cantaloupe and green honeydew melon, and topped with creamy vanilla whipped cream.. you will forever be a Melon Head!”

So was the melon flavor so good that I am forever going to have flies attacking my melon head? Well, that depends. I tried this flavor from a typical RDA build and it was actually quite good. I am not really a melon vaper but when I tasted the inhale of very apparent mango and melons and then the light and fluffy whipped cream on the exhale I actually was happy to have found a melon vape that wasn’t too “melony” for me. Next I tried the Melon Head juice on a Vaporesso Estoc ceramic coil and sadly the extreme flavorfulness of the ceramic coils make this flavor a bit overwhelming for me personally. Not that it is a bad flavor, because its really not. Their flavor description is spot on. The thing with many flavors is that they lack the flavoring and end up tasting kind of bland. The exact opposite happens when vaping this juice on a ceramic coil. Super duper flavorful vapor. This could be a great thing for those who really like melon flavors. I would say to people who are thinking about buying this juice it could be your favorite juice ever or it could be overwhelming and you may not like it. Now if you’re using something like an older sub-ohm tank or a low wattage, low vapor atomizer of some sort this juices extreme flavor may actually make up for the lack of flavor from less vapor production, so there are many different vapers who will fall in love with this flavor. If you’re a melon vaper.. you will almost definitely love this flavor.

The next flavor I tried was “All Day Grape”.

All Day Grape

The flavor description for this flavor goes as follows:

All Day Grape is an all day taste. Perfect pungent punch of fresh juicy concorde grapes could only be partnered to an equally worthy taste-picked Strawberry. Not too much, not too little. This is certainly an all day vape.

Being that I have only tried just a few grape flavors I was really stoked to check out this flavor. I really wasn’t let down either. The flavor somehow gives you a feeling of drinking cold sparkling white grape juice. The inhale is a very smooth white or green grape flavor that slowly turns to a light strawberry flavor that wraps out as you exhale. The flavor isn’t one of those extremely flavorful “in your face” vapes but the flavor is definitely there, so I can see why they named this flavor what they did. If you’re looking for a flavor that is nice and cool (not menthol cool) and will easily stick with you for days without wanting to change up.. this flavor is for you. I really like this flavor and may actually buy some more soon.

The last flavor I tried was their take on the mountain dew ‘Code Red” soda, dubbed “Red Alert!”.

Red Alert!

The flavor description for this juice goes as follows:

This citrus mountain soda is soaked with sweet strawberries and fresh raspberries. A very classy and uplifting taste.

I drink mountain dew every single day and although code red isn’t my favorite style of the soda, I thought that I would check out this drink flavor to see if they added something special to it. I vaped this juice on 2 different occasions and both times I enjoyed it. The inhale morphs from a 7up type citrus flavoring to a very nice ripe raspberry flavoring. As you exhale the raspberry flavoring strengthens. This is a true drink flavor. It tastes very similar to the description, yet again and unlike many others I personally did not taste any chemical taste from the lime in the citrus flavoring. Others may find it to be more chemical tasting but to me it was a perfect raspberry citrus flavoring. The flavor is not extreme and will not smack you in the face but it is very apparent and does not hide anywhere. Those looking for a great raspberry citrus drink vape can rest assured that this flavor will get them where they want to be.


Trying 3 flavors from the budget line from HCVC and actually liking all three to the point of giving positive reviews for them makes one believe that this brand could possibly be a brand that the DVN family could get behind. The shipping is cheap, fast and has different options for people to choose from. The website works great, is set up well and even has a cool rewards program. The pricing is nice. Those wanting a very nice premium blend have their option and those looking to vape on a budget have their option too. The ingredients seem to be of good quality as there is no peppery or chemical tastes even on the budget line, which is great. Overall I would have to say that High Class Vape Co. is worth buying and would tell those looking for a new brand to buy from that they should give HCVC a look and see if there are any flavors that sound good to them as the flavor descriptions seem to be spot on, and we all know how often that is not the case in this industry. Very good HCVC!

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Cori Butler is an ex-smoker that on 07/04/09 became smoke free through the miracle of e-cigarettes. Cori has 2 daughters and a wonderful girlfriend, Ricki (whom also quit smoking through vaping) and is the owner of Daily Vaping News and outspoken opponent of Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and anyone else who see someone, anyone get sick or die in the name of profits.



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