Daily Vaping News is intended for those above the age of 18. We do NOT by any means support underage vaping.

The FTC guidelines require us here at DVN to explain a few things to its viewers.

Firstly, dailyvapingnews.com, (referred to as “DVN” for the rest of the entirety of this disclosure) and it’s social media pages are not electronic cigarette merchant pages in any way. All DVN pages are merely informational blogs with information for the average vaper. DVN and its sub sites do not sell any vaping equipment themselves, only link to other merchants who may or may not do so. WE DON’T SELL ANYTHING!

DVN may or may not be using a referral links on any item listed on its blog posts. The use of these links does not mean that DVN is affiliated with, supports, or endorses any of the items or merchants that may be listed on its blog posts, nor does the fact that a merchant has an affiliate program effect our choice to post or not to post a specific item on DVN. We can’t be bought. Why do we use affiliate codes? It costs a fair amount to operate a blog of DVNs stature and we use many ways to recuperate these costs. Visitors should assume that a small commission may be acquired by DVN upon purchasing any item via the links contained in this blog or its sub pages. These small (usually around 3%) commissions do not cost the visitor ANYTHING extra and they would pay the same amount no matter which way they got to the link.

How it works.. Some of the pages DVN links to may have an affiliate program and DVN may use these affiliate programs to show the merchant who sent the buyer (you) to them, upon the purchase of an item the merchants give the sending party a small commission off of each sale at no cost to the buyer. A finder fee if you will.

As far as safety goes.. You should ALWAYS do your research on the items you are using. That applies to everything in your life. Do not use ANYTHING that you do not know how to use properly and safely. When it comes to vaping there are many things that can be dangerous if not used properly. So you should always do your research to find out what the proper and safe way to use an item is. We are only a blog to show you where to find things cheap and to find news related to vaping. We assume NO responsibility on what you do with your items, it is up to you, the user to find out how to use your items safely and to do so. BE SAFE!

DVN, its logo, and all blog posts are the intellectual property of its admins and should not be used without prior consent from the DVN admin. If you would like to use any of these items for any reason please contact admin@dailyvapingnews.com and get permission to do so.

We’re here to help people educate themselves about vaping and save some money, that’s about it.

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