I have been a fan of e-liquid since I first got a taste of their juices last November and I have yet to buy a single bottle of any other vendors e-liquids since February. There is a reason I have so much love for this brand of e-liquid. It’s because they are the full package. Aside from using the best flavorings, pg & vg, and nicotine sourced in the US that doesn’t have a peppery or chemical taste to it they also have so many pros to add to the list. Check out this list of positives to this juice company!

  • They have literally 70+ flavors and all 70 are based off of 5 star public recipes and then tinkered with and beta tested until they pass a blind taste test vs the previous versions of the flavor 3 times in a row based on a group of 6 testers’ opinions. This means that their flavors are… good… as… hell.
  • If you want a special nic level like 1.5mg just put it in your order comments and it will happen! Chances are it won’t be steeped
  • No dumb-ass flavor names like “Unicorn Snot” and “Pigeon Spit”.. All of their flavors are named after what they are. Guess what “Pancake and maple syrup with strawberries” tastes like…?!?! Yep! You got it!
  • Their shipping is some of the cheapest across the industry starting at only $4.99 for most US customers.
  • All orders shipping inside the US over $40 (after coupons) ship FREE! No coupon needed!
  • They also use 20% flavor concentrates in their e-liquids, which is double what basic e-liquids have. This also gets even better when you find out that their blends have a minimum of 3 flavor concentrates and as many as 14 different concentrates to make them the tasty perfections that they are.
  • They have a very easy to use website that is fast and secure.
  • Their bottles have childproof and tamper evident caps.
  • Their bottles have born on dates so you know how steeped your juice is.
  • All e-liquids from 123 Vapors are delivered pre-steeped. No waiting!
  • Regular emails with coupon codes, industry information and web-site/company updates and guides.
  • A rewards program that gives loyal customers points for sharing their website, reviewing juices, and even gives people enough points for a 30ml for each person they refer who makes an order. You can literally vape for the price of shipping each week if you try. Easily get $5, $10, and $25 codes by simply posting your link on your news feed, in vape groups, and on other social media outlets.
  • Direct phone number to the owner and email customer service that replies quickly and fixes issues promptly.
  • Donations to vape-a-vet, CASAA, and other organizations and more to come!

That is a HUGE list of pluses, but the main thing that keeps me coming back is the fact that you can tell they are a company who is in it to help people. Not a company that is out there trying to make as much cash as they can because the industry is hot right now. They are vapers who truly care about other vapers.


30% OFF With the coupon code “PRICEDROP30” will get you the following pricing on the 123 Vapors line:

  • Single Bottles
    • 100ml bottles only $12.59
    • 30ml bottles only $6.29
    • 10ml bottles only $2.79
  • Sample Packs
    • 3 10ml bottles only $8.37
    • 5 10ml bottles only $12.59
    • 10 10ml bottles only $20.99


These prices mean you can literally double your juice quantity for the price over shop prices or pay less or close to the same amount as online budget juice prices but actually like the juice! I don’t know how many times I’ve bought budget juices off the internet just to be let down. This company seriously will change your mind about online buying if you only buy in shops currently or if you’ve been burnt one too many times on so called budget juices that end up in the trash shortly after arrival. 123 Vapors really has good juice at low prices! At these prices you can afford to see what i’m talking about!

If you don’t wanna take my word on how good this juice is be sure to check out the reviews on their website (4.5 out of 5 stars, 250+ reviews); as well as their facebook reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars, 260+ reviews). With ratings like that its crazy to me that this company isn’t charging 20$ a 30ml by now. 

Take me to the juice!

123 Vapors |

Save 30% on all items on the website with this coupon code!

123 Vapors |

Save 30% on all items on the website with this coupon code!


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