A Beginners guide to vaping mods~

The Beginners Guide to Vaping Mods

Vaping is fun, social and incredibly relaxing. If you are just about to enter the exciting world of vaping, then you meet to familiarize yourself with the various bits of kit, namely that of vaping mods. A mod simply refers to the device which enables you to vape your favourite liquids. Without the mod, there would be no vapour, so the mod really is the heart of the e-cigarette. Buying the correct mod to meet your vaping needs is incredibly important, and as a newbie, getting the right mod is even more important to make the whole expedience an easy and enjoyable one. Below we share with you the beginners guide to vaping mods. This guide will use some of the devices on my favorite vape website, vapourlicious.com as a reference, however there are many different types of mods out there, and this list only covers a few of my favourites based on ease of use for beginners.

Different types of mods

The great news when you begin to vape, is that there are many different types of mods for the newbie. Vaping for the first time can seem slightly daunting, but today’s mods are super easy to use. The only thing to remember is that most mods will also need a charger and a spare battery, both of which you will have to purchase separately. Below we share with you some of the most popular mods for the beginner 

eGo X6

This vaping mod is ideal for the first-time user. One great feature is that you can select the voltage size. Although smaller in size than many other vaping mods, it means that it is more portable, easily fitting into your pocket, but with no less power than its contemporaries with bigger battery power. Ultimately, you control the amount of vape that is produced. This vaping mod also looks ultra modern, in keeping with the very latest trends and themes. Maximum voltage is that of 4.2 volts, which is well within the top range for a beginner. 

iTaste MVP – 3rd generation

This is another fantastic vaping nod for the beginner and is most probably the most affordable and trusted mod out there for those just starting out. Once again, this mod is on the smaller side, so is incredibly easy to handle and take out. Once fully charged, it also has a pretty decent battery life, even when compared to mods with bigger batteries. Another great feature is that you have the ability to set both voltage and wattage, features which only really come with advanced mods. However, once you have set your preferred volt and wattage, you don’t have to reset them every time you vape. So this is a portable, sleek and easy to use vaping mod. 

eGo-C Twist

This mod is also versatile and practical, as it gives you the choice to set your preferred voltage. This in turn allows you to increase the amount of vapour and warmth, getting it just right for your needs. Unlike the two previous vaping mods, battery life isn’t quite as long, but it’s still good when compared with the size of battery. Unlike the eGo x6, you do get more voltage, 4.8, as opposed to 4.2, so if you like the idea of a vaping mod that creates more vape, then this is the one for you.
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